• Jasmine Blennau

What can be done in 15 minutes?

As work from home began, I found myself with so much time on my hands. At first, the free time was a blessing. There was more time for myself and my family. The commute to work was six steps to the next room. I watched tv, read and attempted to complete puzzles. I thought about all the things I never had time to do and I tried to do all of them.

As the severity of pandemic unfolded we all realized this wasn't a stay-cation. Time started to feel different to me. The days were moving so slowly. I spent some afternoons actively watching the time go by. Now, in January 2021, when posed with a 15 minute task, I know I have the time.

Can you spare 10-15 minutes a day for five days to learn about the foundations of racism and the different ways that it impacts the lives of our neighbors?

The 5-Day Equity Challenge is a self-guided journey shared by United Way of Greater New Haven. Every morning of the 5-day Challenge, you’ll receive an email prompt with readings, videos, or podcasts that last 10-15 minutes.

United Way of Greater New Haven begins 2021 with the launch of the 5-Day Equity Challenge this Monday, January 25. There is time to sign up and join the effort to build an equitable community for all.

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