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  • Pastor Kristina Hansen

Grace Notes - Dec. 22, 2019

Dear Mary Taylor Memorial Worshipers!

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "It takes courage to love, but pain through love is the purifying fire which those who love generously know."

On this final Sunday of Advent, as the dark blue Advent sky of early morning before dawn gives way to the sunrise of Christmas, we make our last Advent reflection by considering the courage that everyone displayed who brought our first Christmas to us. They quite literally changed the world!

This year, as you hear Joseph's familiar story, listen to it with the ears of love and courage. As you hear Mary's familiar story, listen to it with ears of love and courage.

I promise you, it will give you a new take and new insights into the true meaning of Christmas.

I also pray that throughout this Advent Season you have been able to discern how to Raise the Bar on your Preparedness, your Humility, your Patience and, this week, your Courage.

Any significant or seemingly insignificant shift within you through your worship, prayers and reflect will have you well-poised to receive Christmas faithfully this year! Embrace it! And know the love of God, the saving grace of the Christ, and the gentle guidance of the Spirit afresh in your life.

Blessings on the journey,


"Seize the day! Embrace the present! Plan for the future! At all times, remain in God's presence, seek to follow Christ, and yearn for the direction of the Holy Spirit who will guide your steps all along the way."