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Bahamas Missions Trip - Blog #4

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

After our sobering trip out east we met with the Bishop and two people - Joy and Therese working closely with him - to discuss the next steps of recovery they were planning and how the new info of the last few days had helped to sculpt it. 

The initial scope will be for 25-30 homes in need of repairs - No rebuild - it appears BMH may focus on rebuilds. Tom shared information regarding tracking mechanisms and the benefits of coordinated efforts, including descriptions of important roles that lent to success of the hurricane Sandy Recovery. This was well received. 

I am reminded how the Bishop shared on the first night how - as the storm bore down on the islands -  he began to write letters - dozens of them - reaching out to the Connection.  I am impressed by his foresight to reach wide, rather than contract and try to "handle it" on his own. I admire his tenacity. Having said that, all 3 seem very weary. 

At 6 o'clock we were back for our final session - putting it all together and bringing some of it into reality rather than theory. 

What had been amazing this week has been the synergy of press releases,  NGO meetings (both suddenly scheduled and by happenstance), and government meetings which culminated in a far more robust 3 sessions then could have been anticipated. 

Again, over 60 people attended this meeting. Given that upon arrival in Freeport we were expecting only around 8-10 people and just from one church, we ended up having many churches,  different denominations, NGOS, government, radio - it was more than we could have imagined.  

The new level of knowledge, combined with new information in a room full of competent and capable people made for an excellent final meeting.  Hopeful.  God was in the effort.  The Holy Spirit was in the room! The Body of Christ recognized a wider expression of itself than we normally might. 

Friday morning was an o' dark thirty wake up.  We left Grand Bahama flying out in front of a storm to Nassau. From Nassau to JKF. From JKF to Tom and Wendy's car in long term parking and the SHOCK of the cold. From there to Metro North in Mamaroneck, change in Stamford. Will be home soon. 

Much to think about and digest. Much to share.  Thank you for your prayers! See you soon.  Can't wait! Blessings on the journey, 


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