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Have you ever found yourself in awe of the beauty of this magnificent area we live in? It is absolutely gorgeous! I was so mesmerized earlier this week, I just had to get out and look around. It was a perfect day; the sky was blue, the air was cool and crisp, and the leaves were just beginning to turn colors. Most of the trees were still green, but I know that soon, a forest of yellows, oranges, and reds will fill our landscapes. Since it is my first fall back in Connecticut, I can’t wait to walk along the shore and behold the breathtaking scenery of the colorful trees against the calm water that seems to go on forever. I look forward to hikes in the woods with the fallen leaves crunching underneath my feet, and the taste of hot, apple cider, warming me up when I come in out of the cool, crisp autumn air. Fall is a beautiful season – one that is full of transition. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, a season of change is now upon us.

Change is one thing that remains constant in life. What I mean is that there will never be a day exactly like the one before. Life, like nature, is constantly changing for all of us. Our church has experienced quite a bit of change over the past several years. Not just a change in pastors, but some of our youth have grown up, graduated, and are now off to college. Some folks have moved away for retirement, while many others have moved into the area and begun their journey with us. Right here in our church, you have embraced me as your pastor, supported new ministry initiatives, and supported changes to the worship service. And we are also focused even more on developing deeper relationships with our community. Change is just one of the things that have made this church strong.

We are so blessed to be a part of this community – a community full of love and commitment. This summer, I have gotten to know many of you. I have spent time with you at worship, in your home, in my office, on the beach, and even in the hospital room. I have been with some of you to have a good time and with others during hard times. As the author of Ecclesiastes writes, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” I have been truly touched by the welcoming spirit we have here in our church.

So now is the perfect time, as we begin this new season, to look forward, to listen to what God wants for us. You know, I really like the mission of our greater church: “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” How exciting is it to be a part of this beautiful mission! The question is: How can our church work to compliment this mission here in our community? What specifically is our vision and who do want to be in the eyes of God? As the church of Jesus Christ, charged to bring God’s Light to the whole world, where do we begin?

I believe the answer lies within each one of us. God is calling us to “go deeper.” I will constantly be looking for ways for us to connect more deeply and consistently with God over this next year. As we go through these next few weeks, I simply ask you to think about this, to pray about this. Take a look at our upcoming opportunities for worship, prayer, study, service, and outreach included in this newsletter. Together, we will have an opportunity to think, to pray about how God is nudging us to grow in the light and love of Christ Jesus, our Savior.

We will have services to celebrate our connection around the world as Christians, to welcome others to our church family, to celebrate all of the gifts we have been given, and to celebrate all those saints who have gone before us. We will have the opportunity to share our thoughts, our commitments, and our love with God on Commitment Sunday, Novem- ber 13th, followed by a service of Thanksgiving on November 20th. As we go through this beautiful season of Fall, let us commit together to going deeper in love. This is the season! Now is the time!

Peace and Blessings, 
Pastor Roy

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