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Our Earth Day Celebration was a big success! There were about 40 people who came to participate. The first hour the participants from three different churches came together and gathered four, fifty-gallon barrels of garbage! Action in motion for God's creation. There was a devotion and blessing before Lunch and a guest speaker our friend, Betsy Peterson who schooled us on the importance of reducing plastics for a healthier earth. There were door prizes of garden gloves, pins, bracelets and seeds for sunflowers and wildflowers, to plant for the beauty of the earth. 

Lunch was provided by our beloved Barronlee Grasso and the leftovers were donated to our Beth El Center who were happy to receive the food. Thank you all for your prayers and participation in this very successful event. There was a photographer from a local paper who volunteered to take the awesome picture that is shared here. 

A lovely reminder of how to come together to make a difference for God's precious creation.