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Starting this fall we will begin to fill the hallway walls and rooms in Wesley Center and the walls of Dodd Hall with original art.

The Art will be created by anyone, regardless of age or talent. If you are interested in working on a canvas, large or small, with a group or a friend, now is the time to step forward and sign up. If you would like to be a “Point Person,” that job entails working with a particular canvas group, usually some artistic talent would be helpful.

To make this new venture possible we need to purchase canvas and art supplies. We will begin using acrylic paint along with collage so we need to purchase supplies including brushes and funds to develop photo copies.

There will be an ART AUCTION in Dodd Hall after church in November (TBD). It will be a quiet auction, known as a silent auction, where one selects a piece of art and makes a bid via a paper sign up. If someone bids higher, then that is the new bid. The auction will close at noon and the last and highest bid wins! The art work will be donated by Elizabeth Wright and Jane Ayers, so far. One can also make a cash donation of just go out and buy a tube of paint or some brushes!

Have questions? Contact Elizabeth Wright at