Blue Sheet

Prayer Request Form

We invite you to share your prayer requests for Sunday service on this virtual version of MTMUMC’s beloved ‘Blue Sheet.’


Together we lift up your concerns each week as

"Prayers of the People."

  • Prayers of joy and thanksgiving

  • Prayers for particular needs, e.g. jobs, travel, patience in special times

  • Prayers for those who suffer illness in body, mind, and spirit

  • Prayers for those who are dying or have died

  • Prayers for the world community

  • Prayers for the Church on earth

Please click the link below to share your prayer requests:

Blue Sheet access and guidelines: 

  • A valid email address is required to use the From

  • You do not need to input to all five categories

  • Prayers/Joys should be pithy, 20 words or less. 

  • Do not use a person's last name (God knows who you are thinking of)

  • Click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form

  • Forms are due no later than Saturday at 5pm each week

  • Prayers and Joys will be raised up in Worship Service each Sunday and included in the MTMUMC weekly prayer chain